Growing Grain

Through our work over the years with our flour mill Farmer Ground Flour, our farm has transitioned to specializing in grains grown for human consumption. This involves a constant process of agronomic and cultural practices that enhance the quality of the end product. This starts with variety selection and tailoring our rotations and fertility practices to express in the crop the qualities we want. See Crops for more detail about what we grow.

Grain Cleaning and Processing

Growing a crop is only the first step in producing a high-quality food-grade grain. Proper drying, storage and handling of the grain can have large impacts on it's suitability and quality for its ultimate end use. We spend a lot of time and energy meticulously caring for our grain in storage and cleaning it to spec for our customers.

Shipping Grain

Most of our grain is cleaned and processed into two-thousand-pound super sacks. Grain in 50-pound bags can be done as a special order. We can also ship by the truckload for customers with bulk handling. Please contact us to arrange shipping.