Oechsner Farms is a certified organic grain farm in Newfield, New York. We farm 1200 acres of corn, winter and spring wheat, buckwheat, rye, soybeans, clover, hay and cover crops throughout Tompkins County in the Finger Lakes. We process, clean, and ship food-grade grains ready for small flour mills, bakeries, malthouses, distilleries and breweries to use. Soil health is also one of our top priorities.


Assistant Manager



On the Farm – The main responsibilities will be managing the cleaning and packaging of grains for sale to our customers. This will include organization of processing schedules, inventory control, grain machinery and storage facility maintenance. This will also include working directly with our customers to fill and ship out orders. 

In the Field – Operation and maintenance of the various modern tractors, trucks, tillage, seeding, hay-making and grain-harvesting equipment that perform the work involved in producing food-grade grain crops. 


Hours during the summer (May-September):

We are beholden to Mother Nature, so every day can be a workday. Days off can fall midweek. Daily hours can vary considerably, depending on work and season, but we try to keep it to 40 hours a week. Off-season hours are much reduced. 


Ideal Candidate:

  • Has fun working hard and enjoys farming.

  • Has a real interest and desire to learn and become proficient at all aspects of organic grain production.

  • Is a good communicator, asks thoughtful questions, and can follow instructions well.

  • Has some basic experience with and enjoys learning about, working with, and operating farm machinery.

  • Likes to work independently.

  • Has some mechanical aptitude or a serious intent to gain it.



Starting pay: $12.50 to $18.50/hour depending on experience level. 

Housing is provided in a spacious two-room converted barn apartment on the farm. Housing, electricity, Internet and wood for the wood stove, as well as a large garden space are part of your compensation. There is a composting toilet, and a shower and washing machine in the farmer’s house (50 yards away) for your use. There is basic plumbing of non-potable water for washing dishes in the apartment.


Send your resume and cover letter to thorfarm@hotmail.com

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1045 Trumbulls Corners Rd., Newfield, NY 14867