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Books and News

Amy Halloran, Flour Ambassador and lover of pancakes, introduces her book The New Breadbasket.








Spectrum News - The Weather Channel

Farmers Discuss How Winter Weather Has Affected Crops

March 2017

Jimmy Carbone interviewing Thor on the farm for Beer Sessions Radio.

Jimmy Carbone interviewing Thor on the farm for Beer Sessions Radio.

Radio and Video

Diverse Crop Rotation on a Food-Grade Farm / A Value-Added Small Grains Primer / Food-Grade Organic Grain Storage and On-Farm Processing

2019 Indiana Organic Grain Farmer Meeting

March 2019

New York State Grains and Rye

Episode 409: Beer Sessions Radio

November 2017


On the Road with Beer Sessions Radio

Episode 4: Back to the Roots

November 2016


Climate Smart Farming: A Program of Cornell University

Climate Smart Farming Story: Oechsner Farms

July 2015


Thor Oechsner on Mastering the Combine, co-presented by OGRIN and PASA

Greenmarket Regional Grains Project January 2015


Thor Oechsner Describes His Farm’s Crop Rotation

Greenmarket Regional Grains Project

June 2014

Beer Sessions Radio

Episode 202: NYC Brewer’s Choice 2014

February 2014


Thor Oechsner on Learning to Grow Wheat for Flour

Greenmarket Regional Grains Project

February 2014


Supporting Local Grain Farms

Peak Organic Brewing Company



A Local Grain Renaissance in the Northeast





Flour Power: An Organic Farmer Creates a Sustainable Market for Organic Grains


August 2019


Mud Season: The Act of Farming in Times of Rain

Edible Finger Lakes

March/April 2019


2510 Comes Full Circle

Green Magazine

December 2018


Hot Bread Kitchen’s Tortilla Method Is as Simple as It Gets

Edible Manhattan

Winter 2018: Issue No. 57

… Thor Oechsner, Farmer, NY State

Profi: The Professional Farm Machinery Magazine

June 2018


Thor Oechsner: Connecting Farmer to Baker

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association

February 2013


A Discussion & Tasting on Local Grains

Grow NYC

January 2010


Finger Lakes Grain Farmer Shares Knowledge, Harvest

Penn State Extension

February 2010


These are some of the conferences and seminars in which we have participated:

MOSES Organic Farming Conference

Farmer Brewer Winter Weekend

NOFA Winter Conference

Cornell Buckwheat Field Day

BFICSS Heritage Field Crop Presentation

Carolina Organic Commodities and Livestock Conference

Penn State Cropping Systems Seminar Series

Young Farmers Conference

Kneading Conference

Brooklyn Kitchen classes

West Coast Grain Gathering

Ecological Farmers of Ontario Conference

Indiana Organic Grain Farmer Meeting