Oechsner Farms is part of a team of conscientious friends working together to provide our community with fresh, organic, local, stoneground flour and the best bread that we have ever tasted. We are committed to leading the growth of a sustainable grain economy. To this end, we farm, mill, teach and communicate—bringing together the ancient triumvirate of farmer, miller, and baker.

Farmer Ground Flour

Farmer Ground Flour is the shared project of millers Greg Russo and Neal Johnston, and organic farmer Thor Oechsner. We began milling flour in 2009 from the grain that we grow in New York's Finger Lakes region. Through a custom series of beautiful pink granite millstones, our process creates astonishingly fresh and vibrant flour.

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Wide Awake Bakery

We think that Wide Awake Bakery makes the best bread that we've ever tasted. Not only that, they dig our community--the people, the food, the music, the land, the water... the whole big thing of it. They've collected a team of people dedicated to serving our community with our food work. They think of bread as one small part of the big picture, the picture of a better way of living with each other and with our place and planet.